The Joy of Eavesdropping

Or, why I enjoy Twitter...

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While waiting for a table in a restaurant, my husband and I stood quietly while the man near the door told stories to his friends. He was a firefighter who had delivered ten babies during his 15-year career because he was sometimes the first person to respond to a 911 call. That aspect of his job had never occurred to me, and I was fascinated. I wanted to ask him if I could sit at his table and listen to more of his stories; he seemed like an interesting guy. But that would've been a little weird, I know.

I love to listen in on the thoughts, opinions, and experiences of other people. I think that is why I'm enjoying Twitter so much. Someone makes an intriguing comment, and then I can choose to hear what else they say (and it's not weird!). I follow several people who are teachers, and I love to hear about their successes and challenges in the classroom. But I also enjoy when they mention their dance classes, kids' softball games, and other events in their lives. I follow a few people who aren't educators, and their lives exist outside my "bubble" of experience. Their comments, 140 characters at a time, remind me that there's so much happening in the world that I want to learn about. Twitter has given me the opportunity to channel my curiosity.

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