You can check out some pictures from my student teaching experience at Coventry High School below, and you can view some of what my students are discussing in class here (zip archive of classroom site).


Highlights from student teaching

Students created models of the Globe Theatre as part of a Shakespeare unit. The model I brought to class (the one that's not yellow) was built using this plan and 11x17in cardstock. The student pictures are from the in-class performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Students wore costumes and name tags to identify their characters (since each act was a new cast!).

I invited a few administrators to the performances with the tickets shown below (made using an online generator that is currently unavailable), and after the performance, I gave the tickets out to students as souvenirs. After the show was over, we did an activity called "Give, Get, Pass" where students were invited to give compliments to one another. It was a great way to wrap up the class.